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NeBuzz 3/17/2015
An Indie Chart Favourite, This song Still Gives Us Eargasm. Polar Light's 'A Murder Machine' cuts above the rest

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Nebuzz 3/17/2015
Feel The Power Of 8 Is A Campaign Initiated By NeBuzz To Bring Together The Best of The North-East Region

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Sikkim-Based Band, Arogya, Releases Their Debut Single 'Timilai'. Watch Their Music Video Now!


NeBuzz 9/28/2015
Into the light, the latest single from the house of Polar Lights is an offering of pure delight; the track starts off with a melancholic intro that sets up vocalist Mar Jamir’s voice perfectly.

Posted by: NeBuzz Uploaded: 24-Aug-15

Roadtrip Experience Project aka RTX ,India’s first generative travel experiment for dreamers, doers and influencers to connect, create and share innovative ideas and indulge in formulating something awesome. It is a chance to experience the thrill of being on the road with creative individuals exploring new cultures and places. RTX2.0 will bring together 16 hand-picked designers, filmmakers, musicians, photographers, entrepreneurs and creators from different background; who will travel, explore and collaborate over a course of a 12-day roadtrip across North-east.

NeBuzz: So, tell us about RTX.
Jaytirth Ahya: Roadtrip Experience Project aka RTX is a generative travel experiment that brings musicians, photographers, filmmakers and creators from diverse background together. Our second edition, RTX2.0 is designed at the intersection of 3 things - an adventurous roadtrip, indulging in profound experiences and creative collaborations.

How did it start?
JA: It all started at a creative conference called Coalition in 2014. The people I met there, the ideas that were exchanged just made me feel - “I belong here”. Amidst the odd 300-creative entrepreneurs that were invited to Coalition, I had a chance to interact with a few amazing individuals. Their stories were all inspiring. Anshuman, a friend that I met at Coalition, and I came together to produce a small movie called Humans of Coalition while there. That was it, we could not get enough. After reaching back to Bangalore, I knew I wanted to meet these folks again and travel with them.
RTX Project was born with a spark of conversations between doers & influencers with a view to create a platform for free-thinkers to connect & collaborate. We strongly believe in the idea of forming Collectives & the power they have to move mountains.

Who’s behind RTX?
JA: The team behind RTX is quite a diverse one. We have Charan GP, a connector and entrepreneur, as our Program & Expansion Manager. Abhishek Chowdhary, a young talented illustrator who hails from Assam and is brilliant with his skills. Priyanka, our Social Media intern and designer who wish to start her own doodle startup this year. Piran Elavia from Kipepeo travels, a gentleman with amazing knowledge about North East and travel consultant on RTX Project. And then there is me, experienced architect at RTX.

When and where is it happening?
JA: RTX2.0 is happening between the 13-25th of October - Starting from Dimapur, Kohima, Majuli, Cherrapunji, Shillong and ending at Guwahati. During the 12 days, we would be happy to meet and brainstorm with creators in North-east. We are really excited about this.

Why did RTX choose North-east? Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland in particular.
JA: So much was heard and spoken but we never had a chance to explore North-east ourselves. North-east makes us curious, really curious! The culture that is so diverse, the architecture of towns and villages or the dense forests makes us wonder, why not North-east? Above all, there is a creative revolution going on in the North-east which is so different from rest of India. We just feel there is so much we could do together and enable collaborations between the free-thinkers from both sides of the world. The locations have been decided based on the diversity of terrain and culture they offer. Kohima is mystical and has that heritage vibes because of their rich culture, Majuli makes one feel like an explorer and put you in the zone to reflect and Shillong, well we just love Shillong for the culture, food and people. Convenience of travelling through road almost everywhere also played an important role in deciding the roadmap for RTX2.0.

Have you been to the North-east before?
JA: Yes. We started from Shillong to Cherrapunji and all the way up to Jorhat, Dimapur and Kohima on our research trip and happened to meet amazing people right from Lu Majow to Mr. and Mrs. Peter, head of Shillong school of Music, Ms. Hasina from Empower Impulse and Mr. Brian who happens to be a cave explorer. We attended a church choir on a Sunday evening and met a few kids who showed us stunts on their skateboards and cycles. We also met Nino Zhasa, a person who wants to take the culture and art to rest of the world. It was an inspiring, deep and meaningful journey.

What’s going to happen in RTX 2.0?
JA: From collaborations in Kohima, to attending NH7 Weekender Shillong, RTX2.0 is packed with experiences of a lifetime. We are excited about exploring Majuli in Assam and trekking to the root bridges in Mawlynnong. 6 locations, 16 freethinkers, 12 days!

What kind of projects are you looking to initiate/collaborate?
JA: RTX2.0 will see an initiation of 4 projects under film, music, photography, art verticals. There would be one mystery project selected from the ideas we have received through the applications.
The film project would be a collaborative effort by filmmakers on the trip to create a web-series/documentary about the travellers, their stories and their reasons. The music project will be created through collaboration between musicians from North-East and Musicians on RTX. Under the art project we plan to paint a mural in Kohima and a travelling art journal which will be a collaborative effort between all the travellers on RTX. The photo-project would be a showcase of culture/people/streets and landscapes of North-east.

Who are some of the travellers/creators that have been selected?
JA: Deepak Ramola, Project Fuel
Supriya , Founder@Joshtalks
Lil John, Filmmaker @ ShoeLaceFilms
Jasleen Aulakh, Musician @ JustIttefaq

How can people from the North-east participate in RTX?
JA: People from North-east can be part of the creative projects happening at RTX in Kohima or Majuli.
They can directly get in touch with us at mail.rtxproject@gmail.com anytime. We would love to hear any thoughts, ideas and suggestions they might have. To attend the entire trip, they can quickly register through our website www.rtxproject.com and mention Nebuzz in their form.

What are you planning to achieve with RTX?
JA: To connect people that would have never met before in their daily lives and create something together. The idea of RTX is to inspire people to walk on their own path, follow their heart and break the norms.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced with this North-east edition?
JA: Lack of awareness amidst people here that North-east is actually an amazing place to travel to. There are far too many preconceived notions about certain areas that may not be entirely safe. We had these notions as well, but they were gone as quickly as we had formed them when we visited NE.

What are some of the things you are looking forward to experience?
JA: Collaborating with local artists, Performance Night at Kisama Heritage Village by RTX Tribe, the Ferry ride to Majuli and creating art while travelling.

Lastly, do you plan to eat Kwai (paan made of betel leaf, areca nut, and lime), Axone (fermented soya bean), rice beer and Naga King Chilly (Bhoot Jolokia)?
JA: Kwai, now that you mention it, all the beautiful memories of chewing that paan comes back. In the start I was really fascinated by the entire process of tearing a small part of the leaf, removing the access lime and keeping it in your mouth with the nut. The rice beer is one of the things I’d recommend everyone to try, it’s a funny high!

Interested folks can apply through RTX Official Website. The last date for application is August 30th, 2015. And the travel dates are from 12th October to 25th October, 2015.
To know and get more updates, check out RTX Facebook page and follow on Twitter.

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