Makers' Market

Create a marketplace by bringing together the best of local food growers, producers, chefs, bakers, artists, florists, designers and service providers on one platform and provide a complete shopping and community experience for our customers.

A pleasant alternative to a crowded supermarket. A place for business and trade while at the same time fostering a social, community and family experience.

The event will also be a platform to promote local and community driven campaigns such as: 'LoveLocal' and 'Clean Dimapur' and others.

- Makers' Market -

Zatara Tea Pvt Ltd

Zatara Tea Pvt Ltd is a Dimapur based marketing company which also manufactures food products.They are a socially inclined organization also involved in other business verticals of Distribution, T&D and Consultancy.


Nebuzz is an online content portal dedicated to connect the world to the North-East region of India.
It is a digital platform to be used for global story telling. The efforts are designed to help people discover North-east and all its potential, with the focus of creating opportunities and building relationships.

An experience that celebrates the ideas of creativity, fun, family and wellness
-Instagram Makers Market, Dimapur

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  • Contact : Ms. Among Longkumer
  • Phone : +91 9862812960
  • Email :
  • Address : H.K.Khulu road, Purana Bazar, Purana Bazar, Dimapur, Nagaland 797112

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